About me

Over the past ten years, Paul Silvers, has developing his unique and creative bartending style and philosophy. Working in pubs, discotheques, swanky cocktail clubs, all the way to upscale cocktail lounges and gastronomic restaurants, Paul has learned that above all the bartender must connect with the customer. He always strives to create a wholesome and complete experience. As head bartender of Bar Le Florian, in Lyon France, Paul developed a system of personalizing cocktails for each custumer based of the “Madeleine de Proust.” Tell him what you drink, and he will tell you who you are.

In 2015, Paul won first place in the French World Class competition as the most creative, and one of the top bartenders in France. Sharing and learning along the way, Paul moved on to the World Class finals in Cape Town.

In 2016, Paul decided to travel one year to research ingredients new and old, and find fresh ideas. Paul has had first hand expierence with: cacao, coffee, salac, banana, lemon, mangos, the honeybees, cane sugar, local herbes, botanicals, exotic fruits as well as regional spirits and beverages. Paul has spoken at cocktail conventions, judged bar competitions, guest bartended, consulted, and given bar classes around the world. Above all he is looking to share and learn new ways to provide excellent hospitality.